Prayer & Intercession

Our Strategy

For Crystal Waters International Ministry   -  P r a y e r  has been the greatest avenue of help to people individually and corporately.  I hear the Lord saying that we are to be SOLDIERS OF PRAYER!  A STRONG PRAYER PEOPLE, TENACIOUS AND FULL OF GOD'S LOVE! 

My desire and heartbeat is to raise up an army of believers who will release God's word worldwide for the glory of God.  A people whose face turns like flint to God and shouts from the roof tops, or whispers with the authority of a mighty king, the truths and mandate of Jesus Christ here in the earth. 

One strong desire is to see the great move of God in Canada, my country.  All my years in ministry have been directed to seeing the move of HIS SPIRIT in Canada.  Oh yes, we have seen the moves in the past, but I keep seeing such a profound move of the Spirit of God, it takes my breath away.  I cry out to Abba Father, YES and AMEN!

I know that there are many others just like me out there, who have this same cry in their heart.  It takes passion, revelation knowledge of His word, and persistence to continue to cry out to God, and press into His presence for the move of His Spirit.  It is not just one person or group but a body of believers who will not rest until He makes Canada a praise in all the earth. 

I am believing God for an army of worshipers who stand for truth

and mercy, who walk in His love and are abandoned to Him. 

Are you one of this mighty army?  If so, I need you to intercede with me,

no one can do it on their own.  The plan of the enemy is to keep people

separated and scattered, but God will arise and He is building the body

of Christ together, fitly joined, and working well. 

Soon I will be coming to a city near you in Canada, I hope you will join me,

as we lift up our nation in prayer - to declare God's will in the earth. 

Let us lift the name of Jesus high in the land.  PLEASE CHECK OUR



Please keep me and this ministry in your prayers, and we fulfill God's

will in the earth.  


The Great Canadian Prayer Ride

Prayer Ride Vision


God is bigger than the box we have put in Him in, Jesus wants out of your box - to move and be your God, so much more than you could ever imagine.  This is an anointing to follow hard after God, to feel His wind on your face, and allow Him to take you where He needs you.  

And yes even as I am typing this ... God has confirmed this word... as He always does... 

I don't know about you - but I want all of what God wants to do at this time and season...