Location & Time

7:30 pm at 4845 Imperial St, Burnaby BC

Worship and Prayer every Saturday Night

Join us for our WEEKLY meetings for a great time with a loving group of people. It’s all about friendship, worship, and solid teaching from God's word - that will impact your life today! 

Women of Courage

Join us for a wonderful time of fun & friendship. Bring your friends & let‘s have a great time together.

A casual group for excursions - special events and luncheons.

Winter dates & times to be announced.

Call the ministry office at 778-285-1111 for more information.


Jesus Christ is our healer yesterday, today and forever! 

There are so many miracle testimonies that we are unable to post them all.  

Over almost 20 years I have seen Jesus heal all types of sickness, disease and infirmity. 

       Denise L Adams


This testimony is from our prayer meeting on launch service January 2015.  

In the year of 2015, the last two weeks of December there's a big round lump on my right breast and I cannot explain the pain. I humbly pray to the Lord crying out to Him to take away the terrible pain in my breast. Apostle Denise prayed for me and suddenly my arms started to vibrate going down and up many times on my arm, untill the lump on my breast is totally gone. Thank you Denise, truly you are a woman of God. 

Thank You Lord Jesus. 

You are Great

You do miracles so great 

There is no One like You.

Violeta A.


We are in the process of connecting ministries to actively proclaim the prophetic National Anthem given to Canada.    The question I was given by the Lord was, "What if you all sang this anthem together, over Canada, proclaiming its victory?"  My eyes popped open as I realized the national impact we would have if we stood together, impacting our nation as born again believers.    I am endeavoring to formulate an effective plan to do this.  
Stay tuned, there is more to come!  


We are associated with IMF - Canada, and IMF GLOBAL, For more information regarding them, please click on the link.